October 1979 [DUPE] Doug Pfeiffer’s Ski Clinic-Keeping Pole Bins Safe, Storage Boots pg

October 1979 [DUPE] Doug Pfeiffer’s Ski Clinic-Keeping Pole Bins Safe, Storage Boots pg

fourteen What exactly is Brand new Throughout the Alps pg.40 Ski Somebody-Elaine Naismith, Mike Beckley pg.42 Ski Mix-Nation Waxless Skis pg.52 What’s The fresh new within the Sun Valley pg.74 The Racers Border-Olympic Driven Skiwear by the Susan McCoy pg.ninety-five The newest Sneakers: Get healthy-Devices pg.a hundred New Skis: Kicks Towards Short-Race Skis-Report and you can Specifications pg.110 Tension Shipping: The secret to Overall performance from the Seth Masia pg.113 Brand new Bindings:What is actually All Din On the?-Weight/ Feature Fundamental to possess Possibilities pg.116 Guidance: Starting on the Deep pg.forty-two Boost your Rate So you can Decrease pg.76 Overall Actions Tames the latest High pg.131 Get Aggressive, Change That Base pg.134 Skiing The latest Corridor pg.136 Allow your Vision Set brand new Line pg.139 Ski Moguls Highest, Ski Dust Low pg.146 The way you Try-Update, Anybody Sizes because of the Stu Campbell pg.88 Scooter Lacouter: ‘Turn the new Mothers’- Aspen Teacher by the Peter Miller pg.104 Skier-Benders Conditioning pg.106 Race: It helps Your Skiing Most useful of the Community Expert Skier Otto Tschudi pg.124 Super Skiing Drinks..Together with Bartenders Who Make them (Mike Baz) Sam Rupert’s in the Sugarbush, North carolina by the Peter Miller pg.78 Attack Of the Flatlanders-United states Skiing Clubs Meet because of the James Farley pg.86 The early Wild birds-1979 Beginning Schedules to possess Very early Skiing in the us from the Abby Rand pg.68 Jackson Hole: Eden Destroyed? Wyoming Ski City from the Jeff Frees pg.80 Quick Admission within Fassa-Extremely Skiing Safari Tour owing to Val di Fassa throughout the Italian Dolomites by Janet Nelson pg.96

Mansfield, New york Ski City from the Peter Miller pg

November 1979 [DUPE] Talk Aside Dated Snow-Revealing System pg.sixteen Doug Pfeiffer’s Ski Clinic-Fitted Comedy Base, Tuning for Dancing, Including Skiing Camber pg.20 Ski Anybody: Moose Barrows, George Macaulay, Dave Farny pg.40 What is actually The within the Maine pg.42 Skiing Mix-Country Reducing Prices into Kids’ Apparatus pg.forty-eight The fresh The-Arounders Skiing Patterns by Seth Masia pg.122 A trend Underfoot-Footbeds, Orthotics, Base Aids by-boat Corral-West Style by Susan McCoy pg.138 Chart Your choice-Buying Footwear by Seth Masia pg.145 Bindings Of the Wide variety-Shopper’s Book pg.150 What are? twenty-four Essential Factors for the Purchasing Boots and Bindings because of the Seth Masia pg.152 Should you Change Ski Size? Improvement, Recognizing Symptoms of Incorrect Ski Proportions because of the Doug Pfeiffer pg.113 Healing The Ills-Skiing Sicknesses from the Stu Campbell pg.129 Pick Your self ski Method because of the Otto Tschudi pg.155 Make love into Mountain-Approach of Taos’ Jean Mayer from the Peter Miller pg.157 Guidance:About three Absolutely nothing Terms and conditions pg.37 Skiing Instance an animal pg.38 Generate an a-Body type along with your Base pg.78 On the job Knee joints to have a great Wedge pg.110 Silent the top of Body to feel The Edges pg.168 Citizens’ Racing-The goals and ways to Get involved from the Honest Farwell pg.82 Mogul Mummy-Pregnant Skier’s Hassle because of the Joann L. Dettmann pg.ninety-five What exactly is it? Artwork Online game getting Knowledge Familiarity Spanking dating review from the Joan Losses pg.104 Exactly how Secure Try Lifts? Investigative Report from the I. William Berry pg.126 Ski Bum, Rip Ski Area Rising prices, Passing away Boundary and a change inside Thinking and you can Lifestyle of the Scott Bowie and you may Stacy Standley pg.142 Starving Including good Wolf-Us Alpine Ski Class Director Expenses Moralt because of the Charlie Meyers pg.160 Very Ski Products. 198 The new Revival out of Stowe-Mt. 117 Steamboat:The Hurry Is on-Skiing Section by the Charlie Meyers pg.134

And also the Bartenders Which Cause them to become (Tom Feldy) Aspen’s Absolutely nothing Nell’s because of the Peter Miller pg

December 1979 [DUPE] Money Smart-Skiwear Looking of the Susan McCoy pg.110 The fresh Skis:The fresh new Great Mids-Midlength Skis of the Seth Masia pg.114 Skiing Tuning from the Touch because of the Doug Sheffer and you will Morten Lund pg.117 Electricity Tuning-Ski Mechanic of the Seth Masia pg.120 The Footwear:Shoes to possess Moving up-Ideal Undertaking Footwear pg.125 Pointers: Start with a stalk pg.twenty-two Weight Transfer:How much Required? pg.70 Skiing Which have an echo Picture pg.76 For the kids:Unbuckle Footwear to improve Skiing/Snow Feel pg.72 Become an effective Lover pg.138 Weakened Side Eliminate-Update by the Doug Pfeiffer pg.85 Your own feet-With her Myth by Stu Campbell pg.98 Skate the fresh Gates-Skating, action turn from the Otto Tschudi pg.130 Winter months Driver’s Publication-Riding Information of the We. William Berry and you may Janet Nelson pg.42 How’s The weather? As to why Predicts Should be Some other from the Janet Nelson pg.62 New Longest Runs-The newest Alps because of the George Plant pg.ninety-five Have a tendency to Stenmark Destroy the world Cup?-Skiing Racing by Jean-Claude Killy pg.102 State of the art:Is it Suitable? Ski Lift Inspection Codes,Skiing Elevator Safety by the I. William Berry pg.112 Created-Once more High Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin by the Morten Lund pg.88 Mount Accumulated snow Gets Major-Reappearance away from Mt. Snowfall from the Abby Rand pg.106

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